The Top Ten Characteristics of a Good Sales Letter



With today's rapidly crowding global market, your product or service will need more publicity and marketing so that your unique voice can be heard. With the thousands of advertisements on television, the thousands of posters plastered on both city and town walls, and the thousands of sales people all jostling each other to catch a prospective customer's attention, is there still an alternative marketing method that could ensure your commercial success?


I have to tell you that when I was first introduced to psychometrics in 1983, I was somewhat sceptical and that scepticism has remained with me ever since; so why my scepticism and why do I believe that psychometric testing and professional salespeople are uncomfortable bedfellows?


How do you get your prospects to say "yes" and become clients? You start and build good relationships using great communication skills. How are your skills? Do you consciously use proven techniques to skillfully get to "yes" fast? Start here to evaluate your skills!